Wondergloss Boho Potion Luxe Oil

If you’ve never heard about lds dating sites australia before, let me tell you a few things about their brand. They are a skincare brand that caters to the normal girl who loves nice things and indulges in self-care but most importantly, a girl who doesn’t care what others think! That is the motto for 2020!! Feel comfortable in your own skin! With that being said, it’s important to take care of your skin. Not just the skin on your face but the skin on your body. Your body needs love too!

The scorpio man dating scorpio woman is such a beautiful formula because it gives you a really nice glow without it feeling sticky and doesn’t transfer onto your clothes. For me, that’s always a must. I don’t like wearing body oils when I can physically feel them on my skin or if I start seeing the pigment latching onto the clothes I wear. It’s such a pain but I am happy that I finally found a body oil that feels super smooth, weightless on the skin, and doesn’t stain any of my clothing pieces. Even hours after it is applied, my skin still felt hydrated and soft!

Aside from it working as a body oil, you can also add it to your hair to give it a healthy shine and smooth out any dry ends. The oil is super hydrating and it uses golden minerals and quartz wands to give the glow. Inside the bottle, there is a beautiful quartz piece that you will find inside when you shake the bottle before use. Aside from the amazing ingredients that are inside the bottle, it has a thrilling scent that brings you right to being on vacay on an island. The scent for this particular product I chose called Laguna is a mixture of cocoa and rose. They have 2 other scents in the other two formulas; one is a more floral scent and the other is a fun beachy scent. They have a scent for everyone! You cannot go wrong. I love that the scent is so comforting, subtle and relaxing! I’ll be bringing this on my next vacation for sure but until then, I love applying it every day to make my skin feel super soft and smooth.

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