Women Wednesday: Boxers

Wuss gucci, #streetwearchicks!

So I’ve lowkey been a stranger on the blog and haven’t been that consistent in my posts cuz of that 24/7 work life. But, with everything slowing down and finally organizing my life, I’ve made so much time for the blog and to share my life/thoughts with you guys and hear your feedback! Also, I’ll be posting a cool feature called Women Wednesday’s for all our ladies! It’ll be a new/different topic each week about advice, wearing men’s apparel, events, etc ❤️

So jumping into it, I’m really excited to share this post because it’s based on a recent photoshoot I did with @timelenses:

This shoot was really inspirational to me for two reasons;

The first reason is based on the clothing. If you read my very first post on my love for menswear, you read that I also wear boxers (as pjs or for certain outfits). I bought Batman boxers (in the smallest size) and damn they’re comfy/cute! I usually get boxers with a unique band because they look very stylish under joggers/tracks/sweats, especially if the outfit is very dark, like mine. Boxers with bright or coloured bands can add a pop of colour to your look, making you appear very unique.

Let me know below if you wear boxers! What’s your thoughts on wearing them?

Lastly, other reason on the shoot being inspirational is based on the photoshoot itself. As most photographers are either established or been practicing their career for many years… @timelenses is only in grade eleven! Yet, he already has so much knowledge and experience in doing what he loves. Amongst the work load and stress that high school maintains, he still chose to self teach himself the skills about photography.

In working with him, it was so interesting to see how much effort he puts in his passions, while still studying other career choices.

I thinks it’s really important to remember that at any age, always strive and work towards your passions! Whether it be career based or just an interest, it’s the small things that count. For instance, I love to model and occasionally play around with makeup looks, but I’m also a childcare business owner… so it’s a hunnid percent okay to do opposite things in life if it makes you happy!

I hope this first Women Wednesday’s post was beneficial for you ladies (or even gents)! There’s so much more content I’m excited to share with you guys!

But always lemme know if you have a specific thought bubble/idea that you want me to write about❤️

Much love,