Hey y’all! Here I am, Alexandra, oh but you can call me Lexie. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, I’m a new gal on this platform. Switzerland is not the most represented country regarding fashion, but oh I’m gonna show you we’re cool too. When I first started my instagram account, it was all about shitty photography and bad selfies. But let me tell you, times have changed! It’s been a couple years that I started caring more about what I post, because I believe it is a platform where people can inspire each other, and mostly, empower each other.

Let’s get to the interesting stuff: fashion. To me, fashion is a way of self expression, and I can definitely can’t go out if I’m not pleased with my outfit. If I had to describe my style, it would be a mix between sophisticated and streetwear, with sometimes a pop of color. I had my funeral years when I would always dress in a total black outfit, but I got tired of it. I try now to wear more colors, to experience new stuff but still with a glance of elegance. I’ll try to post some articles about how I style some of my favorite pieces, from the Nike Airforce 1 to a vintage Chanel bag.

How I try to empower people: body activism. Some people come to me and actually ask me: how are you so confident? Well, I always answer: fake it until you make it! It wasn’t always easy for me to accept myself and especially to love the body I have. One day, I challenged myself and posted a picture in a bikini with a caption talking about self-love: I never got so many messages of girls thanking me for empowering them! I felt so glad I could use a platform for a good cause. Usually, girls get depressed and sad not to have a “model type” body. Babe I’m gonna show you it’s not the end of the world and that you’re beautiful anyways.

Enough said, thank y’all for reading this, and don’t forget to check my gram: dating site aylesbury




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