Who are you, the MISBHV creators?

Do the names Natalia Maczek or Thomas Wirski remind you of anything? If yes, then you’re a streetwear fan without a doubt. The Polish designers create clothes in the old-fashion aesthetic with a bit of hooliganism, which perfectly describes the name of the brand – MISBHV.

The brand’s history.

MISBHV began when Natalia Maczek realized that studying law wasn’t for her. ‘I came to London for a summer job, and I really fell in love with clothes, the music, and the new experiences here. It was very powerful for me because we didn’t have that scene at the time in Poland.’ Based on most of the interviews, it is known that skating, clubbing community, and friends made Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirsk create their own brand. Natalia created some T-shirts. They were sold out immediately among DJs, who wanted something more after that. That is the way how people without any degree in fashion or design created a great fashion brand.


From the beginning, MISBHV released four seasons in a row. Despite the fact that these collections were only for men, clothes women wore the same clothes as well. The main success came pretty fast and after their debut on NYFW16, this brand gained worldwide popularity.

Celebrities & MISBHV.



A lot of people wear MISBHV nowadays: from a 19-year-old girl who goes to a nightclub to Rihanna, who has an iconic style. A$AP Rocky, Kim Kardashian, Hadid sisters, and others have been seen rocking the brand’s pieces of clothes too. That is very beneficial for MISBHV because the brand is going to be more and more popular as long as celebrities keep wearing it. This strategy will also attract fans to save money and buy something from MISBHV.

One of the main advantages of MISBHV brand is the technology of their production. The textile has the highest standards and produced in Europe, mostly in Italy, Portugal, and France. The concern of the brand about this is really important. The prices for clothes are various: from $45 USD to $2000 USD. It allows many people to buy something from the newest collections.

During the past five years, Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski justify the name of the brand – they misbehave and do it with a style. Oversize hoodies, ‘WARSAW’ turtlenecks, sports suits, vinyl coats, and jackets – approximate these clothes are possible to buy from MISBHV almost always, even now, on their


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