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Hey streetwearchicks! I’m Shea… sounds like (Shee –uh). You can find my personal page on Instagram and catch me right here blogging What up dread! Is how I’ve been addressed on several occasions when people want to spark a convo or simply say hello. Yes, the “Southern Hospitality” rumors are true. Strangers will speak to you and ask you about your day. That is one thing I love about growing up in ATL, GA where I currently reside. I can remember being a little girl and asking my mom to buy me sneakers and she would say “Sneakers should not be more than fifty dollars! Can’t you just get those? What’s the difference?’ That’s when I learned the concept of on sale heat, lol. I would also just ask my Dad and most times he would get the kicks for me on most release days. After I get my new kicks in hand it was time for me to look through my closet and start cutting jeans, shirts, dresses… you name it. I needed a new look for my new kicks. That was just the beginning of my personal street style. Now, I’m a graphic designer and creative problem solver but my first love has always been fashion and sneakers. I view my personal style aesthetic as the creative melting pot that Atlanta is and I plan to share that with you.

I’m thankful to be a part of the movement and hope to be an inspiration to you as you are to me. I’m open to new ideas and collaborations so feel free to hit me up.
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