Welcome to the Official Blog of @STREETWEARCHICK

My name is Anissa. I am the creator of this blog and this future movement to come. I had started the @streetwearchick Instagram almost a year ago, the night of the last day of the year, in 2016. I had always been driven by looking at women in streetwear. I would say that I am the type of girl driven by menswear but wish that we as women, had the resources to actually have those garments made specifically for women. Like, why do I have to shop mens in a store if all I want are some cool drop crotch pants or even like a nice crew neck sweater? We as women should have all the availability under the sun to shop streetwear.

Anyway, I am petite, 5 feet tall with a shoe size of a kids 3.5. So, you can already imagine the trouble of having to find clothes to wear in my size. So, I found inspiration in magazines, blogs and other models, that were photographed in streetwear. I have my own personal Instagram @fivefeetpetite, where I started posting myself in streetwear and in the clothes I loved to wear. I then realized that there are a lot of girls out there just like me! Girls who just want to be recognized and known for their efforts. Do you know how much thinking it takes to put these shoots together?!?

We all want to be recognized for all that we do, we want to be loved, and we want to be comfortable in the skin we’re in.

So here I go one night, talking to my boyfriend in the car and I start to talk about, why are we idolizing models who probably are getting paid to wear streetwear but that’s not their true passion. That’s when I said ” Let me start an instagram of real women with real life struggles and a passion for the streetwear industry.” Let me make this instagram to start a movement in the right direction to show case that there is more out there! There are girls out there, passionate about streetwear, whether they are moms, PhD students, working 3 jobs, having no job, but we all share the same interests.

There are plenty of girls out there so talented yet they are being looked over. So let me be the one to give them the spotlight, let me be the one that can start them something for themselves, and let me be the one to inspire women to inspire one another.

I am the type of person that I am here to listen, to give you feedback and to learn from you! We don’t live life to just work but we live life to have meaning and to add meaning into other people’s lives.

And here we all are almost a year later, and I cant thank all of you enough for the support I have been given, the passion, the inspiration you have all given me to create this and get @streetwearchick to where it is today!

For you, I thank you, for believing in me, my passion and my vision to change the streetwear industry for women!

Let’s start a pact and have a community that we can all be comfortable within ourselves. And with that being said, thats where I stand with @streetwearchick. It’s all about to inspire and for all of you to inspire one another.

Can’t wait to go on this journey with you and to create a movement for all women, because you deserve it!


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