The Bad Bagel – Brooklyn, NY

Are you in NY or traveling to NY and love bagels? Haha You might want to check this place out! The Bad Bagel is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn where there are other trendy little places to visit and eat. This bagel shop has an array of cream cheese options, bagels and also hot breakfast plates [...]

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A donut you won’t regret eating ……

When you plan a trip to a place you've never been, you usually want to make sure that you've looked up all the places you want to visit to make the most out of your time there and of course, make a list. Google took me to the best donuts to eat in Santa Monica! [...]

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A Sneak-peek into my life…

    Hi All and Welcome! I would like to introduce myself before I post more content. My name is Dominika! If you read my bio you will know that I literally do everything creative. I enjoy creating things/ expressing myself through art.  Being able to photograph, model, draw, design, sing, dance, speak etc, is [...]

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@gracehlaa x streetwearchick

Hello from Los Angeles, California! - @gracehlaa Just wanted to formally introduce myself to all you amazing ladies! Thank you to Queen of streetwearchick Anissa for giving me an opportunity to blog with all of you beautiful ladies around the world! My name is Grace Hla, I'm a microblading tech and makeup artist based in [...]

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