Hey Auntie (in my best Kilmonger voice). Tracee Ellis Ross a.k.a. T. Murda, a.k.a. Fashion Killa, a.k.a. Slay-cee Ross (hello!) Home girl did her thing whilst hosting the AMA awards show which aired on Tuesday, October 9th. What better way to utilize such an impactful platform than to shine light on fashion designers who are #1 bomb and #2 minorities. She and her style team did their due diligence in showcasing a black designer in every one of her looks. If you have yet to hear of these designers, brace yourselves because you surely will soon…like now…because I’m going to list a few. 

Pyer Moss by Kerry-Jean Raymond donned Auntie Tracee with a pink and black suit. (Google him)

She addressed the importance of voting by sporting a “Rise Up and Vote” T-shirt by her stylist, paired with a red ball gown skirt by black designer Shanel Campbell (hey sis!)

Tracee was super fierce in her Sergio Hudson leopard bodysuit, gloves, belt & beret. Looking like a stylish cougar about to snatch up somebody’s boyfriend (okkkuuurrrtttt). 

Then, as if she had not snatched our wigs enough times already, Tracee stepped out in a Gucci by Dapper Dan floor length cape, paired with a full sequin black bodysuit and what did she grace her fashionable feet with? Nope, you didn’t guess it, but since we’re cool like that, I’m going to tell you. Some Air Force 1’s (plot twist)!!!

Auntie Tracee taught us two things this past week: 1. Use your platform to lift up others around you (Thanks Anissa!!) and 2. When high fashion and street style collide there will be some flower bringing and some slow singing because Slay-cee Ellis Ross just killed the fashion game (amen). 


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