The Bad Bagel – Brooklyn, NY

Are you in NY or traveling to NY and love bagels? Haha You might want to check this place out!

signs he only wants to hook up is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn where there are other trendy little places to visit and eat. This bagel shop has an array of cream cheese options, bagels and also hot breakfast plates that you can choose from. I love supporting local businesses so this place has been my go to ever since I moved to Brooklyn. I quickly also wanted to add that if you travel by train, the L train leaves you right in front at the Jefferson train station.

All of the staff members are super sweet and there’s always seating available if you want to eat your bagel there. The bagels are super fresh no matter what time of the day and trust me, I’ve gone there at 10am and 4 pm and both times they tasted just as delicious.

Here is a little preview of the shop and what we got to eat at The Bad Bagel!

Here are some other fun photos I found of the bagel shop:

popular items ordered on seamless:

Hope you get to give this place a try one day! You’ll love it!