Tarot CBD – Elderberry Rose CBD Oil

The Elderberry Rose CBD oil from casual dating sites is something you definitely want to check out! When it comes to CBD, you always think that it might have a earthy/bitter taste when you take it but let me tell you the taste of this one was so nice! Usually, some CBDs have a distinct taste that really isn’t so pleasant.

This one was almost like a light rose-y flowery taste and then I looked at the ingredients thought “well yeah it has organic rose oil inside”. When consuming it you can taste the rose oil but it isn’t an over powering taste. It’s really subtle and smooth.

It tastes so pure and super high quality. The tinctures are made by hand with expertly sourced ingredients. Tarot is the only CBD oil and herb tincture for sale on the market that sources organic CO2 extracted herbs or whole plant herbs.

With the organic rose extract, it will help with combating stress (which is so great) and of course, the Elderberry to help boost the immune system.

Speaking of ingredients, here is the full ingredient list if you were wondering:
✨Certified organic MCT oil
✨500 mg North Carolina grown full-spectrum CBD
✨Organic elderberry CO2 extract, grown in France
✨Organic rose otto CO2 extract, grown in Bulgaria

After looking at the ingredient list, I love that there aren’t any other additives or ingredients that are harmful. The list is super concise and very minimal! LOVE THAT!

I have this CBD oil on my desk so I remember to take it every morning before I start my work. I do 1-2 dropper fulls to get my day started in a state of a nice zen that allows me to feel less anxiety and ready to create.

Right now, we all need some immunity help and it can get you right back on track if you are feeling a little under the weather. Since this specific product revolves around boosting the immune system, I make sure to take it each day. You can also do another dose around 3-4 pm, or when you feel like your crashing to get a boost of focus mid-day.

The packaging is super cute and I love that the word “Vibrance” was chosen to be added to the packaging. It really captures exactly what this product is all about!

Also, they included a Tarot card inside: “The Sun” with a beautiful uplifting message in the back.

When it comes to branding and brand aesthetic, they did an amazing job. You can really feel the attention to detail and just the overall, quality of how they wanted the product to come out!

I love shedding light on women owned businesses and I just want to say you should definitely try this line. They have many other types of CBD but with everything that’s going on in the world, I definitely wanted to take care of my immune system!

You can check out their site in the link in bio! Use code “plantlover” for 20% off.