Tara Nature’s Formula – Onion Remedy Hair Revival System

Tara Nature's Formula Onion Remedy System

Did you know?

The topical use of onion extract can help you strengthen your hair, stimulate growth, and achieve all around healthier hair.

A month ago I didn’t know this, which is why I felt the obligation to shed some light on all of the benefits of onion extract and reasons why you should add it to your hair care routine. put together the best onion remedy system that infuses onions and other beneficial ingredients into their hair care products.

Reasons Why You Should Add Onion Extract to Your hair care Routine:

1. It stimulates growth

One of the reasons why onions help with stimulating hair growth is because it contains sulfur. Our natural human hair has sulfur coming from our natural keratin. This allows our hair to have elasticity and strength. When we start seeing a deficiency in the sulfur in our own hair we tend to experience brittle hair that starts to break off. Since onions have sulfur in it, they help to replenish our hair and improve hair follicle circulation.

2. It is rich in anti-oxidants

Onions are loaded with anti-oxidants that are located in the flavonoids. This helps to prevent hair from being damaged by free radicals and also helps to avoid your hair from turning gray.

3. It is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

Onion extract can help you fight against a variety of fungi that may develop on your scalp. It promotes a healthier, cleaner scalp, which in turn will avoid irritation and dryness.

Tara Nature's Formula Onion Remedy System

About Tara Nature’s Formula Onion Remedy Hair + Root Revival System:

There are three products included in Shampoo, conditioner, and concentrate. Their system pairs natural ingredients and modern science with a precise dose of proteins, anti-oxidants, and minerals. All three products contain onion extract and the concentrate has the onion extract as the second ingredient on the list, which to me indicates that it is the most concentrated. They are also all sulfate-free!

The shampoo harnesses the growing power of onion and contains, onion extract, lavender extract, and rosemary extract. The conditioner has key ingredients in it such as onion extract, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. Lastly, the concentrate has onion extract, soy extract, and yeast extract. This concentrate has a potent break-through mineral-amino complex specially formulated to replenish the roots and stimulate hair growth. It also includes botanical oils and plant extracts. With each drop in the hair, it ensures that your scalp stays healthy.

Most Commonly asked Question: What does it smell like?

It smells AMAZING! Actually, amazing is an understatement. Tara Nature’s Formula products have a really lovely & clean botanical-like (floral) scent to it, but it is not an overpowering smell. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

These products DO NOT contain:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oil

My Personal Experience:

I’ve been using Tara products and their hair care system for about two weeks now. When I use the shampoo, I really don’t need a lot of it. I take a small amount in my hand run it under the water a little bit and then I gently wash my hair with it. When adding the conditioner, I love to start applying it mid way through my head, all the way down to the end of my hair and I let it sit there for about 3-5 minutes. Then I rinse out. My most favorite part about this experience is not just the benefits of the product, but the scent of the products. It smells so good and leaves my hair extremely soft. After the conditioner, I add a few drops of the concentrate on towel dry hair and apply it to my scalp area using their dropper. I find that the concentrate helps me with my dry scalp problem, which I’ve had for years. Since I began using Tara’s hair system, I can clearly see a difference in the texture of my hair and it’s natural shine. It leaves my hair feeling super healthy, thick, and full. I used to love dying my hair, which unfortunately has ruined my healthy hair over the years and these products have helped me restore and add fullness to my hair in such a short period of time. I am excited to continue using it so that I can see all the results that this system has to offer!


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