Purpose Apparel is a Vancouver Contemporary Streetwear Brand established in 2012. They are founded on inspiring others to find their purpose in life and relating it to the simplistic everyday fashion. One of my favourite things about the brand is how organic and meaningful it is, staying true to the creative art of fashion instead of being lured into the capitalistic nature of consumerism. Purpose creates lifestyle clothing that is so versatile and comfy, fit for all consumers, while maintaining and promoting the image of inspiring its wearers to build and establish a strong sense of community. I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing one of the company owners of the brand to discuss the origins of the company, the future of streetwear, and possible advice for hypebeasts that want to pursue in this difficult fashion industry. For more information on their upcoming fashion releases, check out https://wearpurpose.ca



How did you get this brand started? What inspired this brand?

Purpose was founded by Rob Kerr in 2012. We are a Canadian built lifestyle brand and focus on contemporary streetwear. The inspiration for Purpose comes from wasting far too much of our lives walking through life without any [purpose], having found ours through fashion and the freedom entrepreneurship provides. Our mission is to motivate people to find their [passion and purpose]. We are dedicated to the road less traveled.

What do you think is the future of streetwear?

The future of streetwear is generally whatever urban youth in places like Paris and London are wearing currently. We follow trends pretty closely, but the North America market isn’t always ready and requires a bit more time to catch on. Skaters tend to be the ones that grab ahold of styles earliest and make them cool.

Any advice for those who want to get into the hype or start their own clothing line?

This space is so crowded now so if you aren’t passionate about the industry then save yourself the pain. If you do love [fashion] then just know it will take more of your time than you anticipate; it will cost more than you think it will and be more work but definitely worth it.

Who’s your fashion icon?

Jerry Lorenzo

Anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and the brand, whether you’ve been with us since the start or just recently found us. We are immensely grateful to all the people who think what we do is dope and continue to vibe with us.



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