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But why?

Wuss good you guys, I’m one of the many bloggers on @STREETWEARCHICK. To start with a lil background insight about my Vancouver, BC lifestyle; my names Jessica Deo, aka online dating new zealand reviews on da gram. I never noticed how I dressed until the label of “edgy and streetwear” was given to me when I worked in a feminine retail store. As much as I love my Steve Madden stilettos and dresses from Guess, the attire and outfits that the streetwear society brings will always be my go – to ootd’s. Apart from the unique look of baggy, over-sized, and specific pattern choices that streetwear outfits maintain, the comfort level goes from 0 – 100. Guys are crazy lucky that all their clothing is geared around comfort. When I first thrifted a guys sweater, all I could notice was the damn material and how thicc it was! Compared to all my girl sweaters (which neither fits well or keeps we warm), I began exploring the different apparel that the men’s side carried; influencing my current everyday fashion choices from head to toe (minus my undergarments… but some boxers are hella comfy and cute). I post different ways I style men’s clothes on my instagram, with most of my purchases from thrift stores, just because it’s hella cheap and always vintage pieces. I just bought over 20 men’s pieces in bombers and sweatpants that I’m going to be posting on this blog and da gram soon. I definitely think if girls are interested and want to try men’s outfits but don’t want to purchase $50 – $100 sweaters/sweatpants, then thrifting them is super beneficial! I’m really excited to post/share tips and pieces to look out for when thrifting to feel comfy af and look mint as hell.

This movement that the brilliant Anissa created to empower women in their choices and support each other through it, helps show the different mindsets all over the world. Through fashion, advice and tips, I’m so thankful and super excited to be part of this movement and represent @STREETWEARCHICK<3


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