One-minute bio: Heron Preston.

A clothing designer, DJ, creative director, and just a nice person - Heron Preston - was born in San Francisco thirty-five years ago. He attended New Technology High School and moved to New York for studying at Parsons School of Design. At that time, the designer tried to make his first T-shirts. His friend had [...]

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Who are you, the MISBHV creators?

Do the names Natalia Maczek or Thomas Wirski remind you of anything? If yes, then you’re a streetwear fan without a doubt. The Polish designers create clothes in the old-fashion aesthetic with a bit of hooliganism, which perfectly describes the name of the brand - MISBHV. The brand's history. MISBHV began when Natalia Maczek realized [...]

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Force is female?

I think we are at the same point that the sneaker World is dominated by men! But what about female existence? Can we find nice sneakers for our size? Do brands make some effort for female existence in the sneaker world? Happily the answers of the both questions is YES! I am aware that there [...]

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Streetwear Chick: Fashion Week “Sneaker Street Style” Edition

Fila’s & Yeezy’s & Vans, oh my! Now that the fashion weeks have concluded until next year, let’s revisit the street style fashion that adorned fashion week goers’ feet.  The ever so trendy dad sneaker was hitting the streets hard during all fashion weeks, NYC,  London, Milan & Paris. Who would have “thunk” (incorrect grammar [...]

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Cute Collab Alert: Chinatown Market x MISSBISH x Hand & Rose

Let's be real. Who doesn't need just one more graphic tee to add to the wardrobe? Usually, our go-to outfit is undoubtedly a cute graphic tee with some shorts and a great pair of sneakers. So when we saw that Chinatown Market was going to drop a t-shirt with MISSBISH and Hand & Rose, you [...]

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Here’s everything you should know about world-famous brand Supreme.

Without any doubts, Supreme is one of the most well-liked brands in the world at the present. There is no hypebeast person, who would not have at least one piece of clothing from this brand. However, not a lot of people actually know how the brand first began. The first Supreme store.   James Jebbia [...]

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Japanese street fashion.

It is hard to imagine modern fashion without street style, especially the Japanese street style. In general, a lot of details from the fashion of this country added something new to the fashion world. Nonetheless, it is notable that only in Japan, street fashion always was and is female dominant and only girls control fashion [...]

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Who are you, Virgil Abloh?

“Virgil Abloh designs costumes for New York City ballet”, “Virgil Abloh presents his Harvard lecture as a book”, “Virgil Abloh makes debut for Louis Vuitton in Paris”, “Virgil Abloh can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to partnerships” and many other news, which we constantly see, when we surf on the Internet. But what [...]

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New Sauce Alert @FricabyKudakwashe.T Streetwear

Hey guys First off massive love and shoutout to streetwearchick for giving me this platform to blog about my interest. Name’s Wendy I’m a fashion Designer based in Sheffield, England and on this space I’m going to be posting about my fashion interest and other things I’m into. Please follow accordingly. Without wasting much time [...]

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StreetwearChick X Purpose Apparel

Purpose Apparel is a Vancouver Contemporary Streetwear Brand established in 2012. They are founded on inspiring others to find their purpose in life and relating it to the simplistic everyday fashion. One of my favourite things about the brand is how organic and meaningful it is, staying true to the creative art of fashion instead [...]

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