Hi Guys!

Once upon a time, I promised you to introduce you to some very inspirational girls that I have been following through the past years. And since sharing is caring and today is a very special Wednesday… I thought, what better day than on Valentine`s days should I start,right?

Honestly, it is not easy to pick only a couple of girls, since I always appreciate the involvement and effort put in taking photos and choosing the right outfits; but must importantly to dare and combine the unthinkable! There are millions of impeccable Instagram accounts out there and an indefinable amount of great shoots, so consider this article to be a sort of tribute to concrete people. To those, whose passion have become a job and a lifestyle, and especially thanks to whom my life is much more fun!


Danielle Bernstein

You may know her under the name of Weworewhat. This badass boss lady is the absolute genius in adapting to trends and creating them. Her 1,7M followers are pleased with her very sophisticated, but yet sporty and comfortable daily outfits, which makes her account very unique and inspiring. I was always wondering how big her closet must be, since only the shoes will probably need a huge apartment on their own. Her platform got so big that she hired a team to schedule and organize everything around it. Dreamy right? And despite the busy schedule, she still finds the time to communicate and reply to her followers.

I will show you some outfits to get you an idea, but I highly recommend to start following her, if you are not doing it already!



Sanne Poeze


You probably know her under GirlonKicks on Instagram. I had the change to meet Sanne last year, which only validated my thoughts about her. This babe is one of the sweetest, kindest, no-diva girl  I know. That makes her be close to her followers, which is nowadays a pretty unique quality. Her involvement in the field of sneakers is something truly admirable, she definitely knows what she is doing and her passion for sneaker goes way beyond beautiful photoshoots. There is nothing better that a perfect background to match the sneakers! Last year she did a great collaboration with Nike for the Air Max day and recently she was interviewed by Hypebae, where you can read more about her (read the whole interview here).


Chiara Capitani

This Italian beauty is my third choice for today. (Link to her Instagram here) Her ability to be effortlessly gorgeous and stylish is truly admirable.  She is able to put anything on and make it the coolest thing you have seen in a while. She can even slay an elevator selfie, which is sometimes not that easy. Why her? Due to her attitude and overall calm vibes she shows in public. I feel like she is not pretending to be someone else, which I appreciate a lot. She belongs to the family of OneBlockDown (THE sneaker store in Milan), which makes her obviously even cooler.


I would love to share more profiles with you guys, so if you liked it, just let me know and give me some feedback. As I said, there are millions of amazing profiles and millions of incredible ladies all over the world, so there will be more similar articles for sure!

Also if there is someone reeeally, reeeally special, you would like to share with us, write it in the comments… I will be more than happy to discover more cool feeds 😉


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