What’s up everyone! My name is Alex Suzanne or cigarette tax stamp dating on IG. I’m a 25 year old blogger/music enthusiast based in the city of dreams, and very happy to be a blogger with STREETWEARCHICK on the official blog launch! I first want to thank Anissa for starting this amazing movement to inspire other women to create and support each other and share who we are freely. I feel this is so vital in today’s day and age to be a part of something that caters to everyone and is openly keen on supporting people of ALL backgrounds and from ALL over the world. Being born and raised in L.A. I started getting involved into fashion and the L.A. aesthetic through my older family members who were raised in the 80’s, especially thorough hip hop and rock culture. To me fashion has always been a staple in who I am on a day to day basis and represents so much more than pulling outfits together or staying up to the latest trends. It’s been an outlet and a way to express myself while being able to feel confident in my own skin. It has definitely been one of challenge and great reward. I remember being forced to be girly girl at a young age by my mom and older sister but that was never for me.. I had a passion for streetwear and have been meshing tomboyish fashion with skate and surf wear my whole life and occasionally dressing up a little depending on how I feel. UK sound system culture has also played a heavy role in my sense of fashion since 2007 which leads me into where I am today. I curate events and promote underground shows in the L.A. area, make music, and handle artist relations for musicians and DJ’s abroad in the bass music scene. As for fashion brands, I heavily represent: scotland dating site @Nike @Puma @Champion @LRG @Stancemuse @Vans @Thrasher and many other skate and street fashion brands. Thanks for reading my first blog post on SWC and getting to know who I am. You’ll be hearing more from me in future posts. Make sure to follow @streetwearchick on IG, my blogs @sportyartwise and music one @tomokodubz if you are in the LA area and want to dive into a different scene musically. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to get in touch. PEACE.



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