Sneakers Addiction

Hey guys! I’m back! 

Have been out for a little while cause my life is been crazy these last 2 months of 2017, but I’m glad that now things are more settled down. A lot of people have been writing to me on Instagram, such as magazines and blogs to ask me about my “sneakers addiction”.  It’s funny cause I use to think it was normal.

I would love to have a “cheesy” story to tell you about how I started loving sneakers as many of my friends have, for an example I have one friend that he remember their parents gaving him his first dreamed Jordan’s that was almost impossible to have, or my oldest sneaker collector friend who when he was a kid he use to crave the Air Max 97 from outside of the showcases, dreaming of how cool would it be to have them, but the buyers didn’t even let him touch them because it was too much air for such a young kid and the AM97 was”considered” a shoe just for the greatest athletes. (lol), I could go on telling many of interesting stories about some of my friends. But is my turn. Yesterday I was thinking on a cool story to tell everybody how I started my sneaker addiction then I remember something very sad and I realised that maybe this is how my sneaker addiction started.  When I was a little kid and my parents had to buy me sneakers to do sports at the school I use to have a fixed idea of what I wanted. It always mattered a lot to me. I could say I haven’t changed at all about the sneakers. My parents would never let me choose, they would prefer buying something not so expensive and more functional. For them design of shoes was not important at all. I’ll never forget this awful pair of sneakers that they bought me when I was 11 years old it was a white pair of Skechers with green and blue fluorine terminations that were a perfect match with my uniform of my school and the worse was that the bought me one size bigger than mine so it would last longer. I hated them! I felt very ashamed using them, I thought that everybody would think I look like a alien or like Sideshow Bob (Bob Patiño) feet. The first day I used them I remember crying all the way back home just thinking of how I looked on them. But it’s funny cause now I think that they would have look great with my style (lol).  After that bad time I couldn’t stop looking to everybody’s shoes, I couldn’t stop asking me about why they choose their shoes, I even made me a promise, that I would work or do anything to buy my own shoes, the ones I really feel in love with.

Years later my interest on fashion, garments and my obsession with design remind me that promise, it’s everything related, I wanted to get my own money to buy all the things I wanted such as sneakers and clothes but it resulted to be a very difficult since I didn’t have enough money to buy everything so I started to be really selective. I started to look for some different and weird designs. I’ll never forget when I went to buy some supplies for the university and on the way to do it there was a shop of PumaLab that I got in and saw a pair of Trinomic really colorful and with different textures, a limited editions with a 50% off. My head blew up that moment and I couldn’t even think, I just remember getting out of the store with a bag, I spent all the money I had to buy the things for the university and this is how I started buying a lot of my sneakers. This is one of some stories about what happened with the money I had to spend on other things and I end up spending on sneakers. Since then I couldn’t stop no more.

Now a days a big part of my collection have been bought by internet, online stores, and boutiques of Europe and US cause not all sneakers are release in Chile. The biggest releases in Chile are the Adidas Yeezys, but if you want to buy it you will need to get in a raffle and if you get chosen you would have to go to the store, get in a really big queue with all the others winners that were selected to buy this limited edition and then buy it . The most common releases here are the Jordans drops such as the Jordan 1 and 5 like and most of the Adidas Originals drops such as Humans Race. One of the most important releases of 2017 was the Wasafu’s Air Max 1. He is the first Chilean urban artist who has a  colab with Nike and he is also my friend. Another HUGE release was the Vans x Fog. I spent more that 26 hours queuing in a store in the downtown of Santiago just for the love of kicks!


So this is a little more about my passion and about the crazy things I would do to make some dreams come true.