Hey what’s good! I’m Hailey (find me on IG as @robinsonhailey) and like all the other admins here, I am super excited about the opportunity to help build this new phase of SWC. Outside of this site, I am an aspiring footwear designer – studying product design in the US but currently in Hong Kong for a term to learn about knitwear and textiles. I move around a lot for uni and love to travel, so I always have my eyes peeled for inspiring imagery. The general vibe of streetwear changes from place to place and observing these trends really gives me a feel for whatever city I may currently be in.

What I think is so cool about the era in fashion we’re experiencing right now is that there are no rules. Practically every item of clothing has the potential to be considered cool as long as it is styled and worn with confidence. I love the idea of high fashion brands elevating streetwear, and mixing these brands with thrifted items or whatever you want – and the final look is something really personal and thoughtful, not just following a trend blindly. However, I’m a college student and admit to having  zero Balenciaga in my closet, and am here to say you can have great style without labels and that’s what’s so great about streetwear.

Getting dressed is one of my favorite parts of the day – it prepares me for what’s to come, sets the mood, and helps me feel like myself. For me, it’s all about the details. Right now I’m really into interesting sleeves with different silhouettes, materials, and finishes. Layering is my best friend, so in HK where it is currently mid-November and still 85 degrees outside I’m struggling a lil bit. I like to say that the way I dress is good for any occasion: ideally I can go to work, go to school, or go out wearing the same thing and always feel comfortable and confident, and I hope whatever content I contribute to this project helps others feel the same way. Thanks to Anissa for creating this platform to inspire and empower women – I’m so thrilled to be a part of it!


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