A clothing designer, DJ, creative director, and just a nice person – Heron Preston – was born in San Francisco thirty-five years ago. He attended New Technology High School and moved to New York for studying at Parsons School of Design. At that time, the designer tried to make his first T-shirts. His friend had an access to the production factory, so Heron was allowed to go there and print something on T-shirts. In 2007, he graduated but stayed in the Big Apple for chasing the career. Although he did not really set out with the intention of becoming a designer, Preston was passionate about skate and street culture, thus producing new clothes started to be a part of it.

Al Moran, one of the founders of the art gallery and publishing company, discovered Heron through his blog, which featured pictures of street kids and offered him to publish a small book out of it. He received an opportunity to be a marketing specialist and social media director for Nike in 2009. Preston called the position being hired to be “Mr. New York”. After some period of time, the designer started to work for Kanye West and made a cool design for one of his tour merches. Additionally, he was a consultant for Kanye West’s album and Yeezy brand.

Furthermore, besides the career in fashion, Heron worked as a DJ at Coachella, Fool’s Gold Day Off, Ultra and others. He also worked on a mixtape, which includes music from Kanye West, Drake, Zomby, and others. Preston has worked for events, which were organized by Supreme, GQ, and Ford.

Heron Preston is famous for his brave collaborations. Yes, his collection with friends from Off-White is nothing compared to his collab with NASA. The designer created a high tech astronaut costume for going to the Moon. Nobody knows, what kind of ideas does Heron Preston have in his mind. However, they are going to be great without a doubt.


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