How to Boost Your Lash Game for Less Than $20 A Month

Are you the type of girl that wears lashes every day of the week like me? I am a lover of all lashes! I mainly use them to dress up my eye makeup look or even throw on a natural pair for every day. I am constantly swapping them out with each look and for someone who is a lash addict, that can really get expensive. It honestly starts to add up! Can you relate, too? So if you’re a lash addict like me, your always on the hunt for some great quality lashes that are durable, inexpensive, can be re-used and most of all comfortable to wear. I am here to tell you that you can boost your lash game for less than $20 a month.

I stumbled upon the brand academic speed dating on Instagram ( and what really caught my attention was honestly the packaging! It is so well made and the colors they use are so eye catching. Another cute thing they added to the box was that on the inside it has a little inspirational message. Who doesn’t love a reminder of positivity about yourself.

About On Fleek Box:

academic speed dating is a lash subscription company that offers 4 different pairs of lashes each month for only $19.95 if you paid for month to month. But you can also get the box as low as $18.50 if you commit to the whole year. This brand just started earlier this year and I have to say the presentation of the product is great. Each lash in the box has an individual name and each month you won’t get the same lashes (or the same colored box). They are always different. Some are more dramatic than others and some are a little bit more natural.

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What I do have to comment on is that this is not for your “everyday natural” girl. These lashes are for someone who loves great drama and volume to your look but for the quality and price, they are definitely worth it. I have seen lashes that look just like these and one pair can retail for at least $23 but in this case you get 4 for the price of 1.

So with that being said, I decided to reach out to the brand to see if they would give me a box so that I can really test it out for myself and share my thoughts with you. They were super nice to send me a box and here I am to tell you all about it!

The quality is definitely there with durability and super comfortable to wear. The box was not crushed and the shipping was super fast! It must have arrived in under 3 days which is great!

The Lash Box:

Lashes Received:

In this box that I received, I did have two favorite lashes that I do still wear constantly because I feel like they really give a lot of volume and still keep a natural appearance. They are the two on the left called Goddess and Flawless in the picture above. The overall look and quality is great! I definitely would recommend this lash subscription for anyone that wants to save money on lashes, likes to try new lashes, and loves a surprise each month!

Enjoy 15% OFF Your On-Fleek Box