Sneakers have always been in for me, but for a while now they seem to be popping up in more corporate settings given the numerous styles that are available. They have become the go to shoe and they are here to stay. To be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, how could you turn down the chance to have your sneaker moment? Now, let me tell you about the Nike conniption I had yesterday. I was just taking a moment to relax and play on my phone for a minute and I decided to check out the Nike SKRS app. (like I always do when I take a break). I’m waiting on the app to load and when it did………… “The Ten” exclusive sneakers popped up! My mouth is just hanging open and staring at all of the different personas of two of the most iconic Nike sneaker models.  My mind is going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. Which pair is my favorite? Which pair will I purchase first? Do I seriously want all of them? Why are they doing this to me? Will it be hard for me to secure my size? Can I afford this? I’m so blindsided but appreciative and in love all at once. Ok… just breathe.

After the battle between my design/sneaker junkie minds subsided. I was able to calm down for a moment and began to take in each new piece one by one. I must say that I’m very pleased with this collection. This Nike collection reminds me of some of the collaborations they’ve had with designers like Riccardo Tisci, Jun Takahashi and Virgil Abloh. The 1 Reimagined collection gives five new perspectives of the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1 silhouette. You will find refreshingly different lacing systems, juxtapose logo placements, cut outs, zips, straps, all with a pleasant mix of materials and please don’t forget about the slip-on. Yes… a slip on.  This collection is right on trend with the most popular sneaker styles for 2018 (sock sneakers, platforms, classics, light weight-mesh, suede, embellished and satin).  It drops on February 7 at 10 am PST (SNKRS app) and that’s just enough time to secure some dope kicks just before Valentine ’s Day. Check them out below and let me know your favs.

Find out more about the 14 women behind the design

For more pics of The 1 Reimagined Collection


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