Luxie Kabuki Brush Set: Everything you need to know

If you are a makeup lover and looking for the best face makeup brushes, you are in the right place! When it comes to makeup brushes, it can always be difficult navigating which would be the right fit, which brushes you need for what, and finding the best quality makeup brushes at a reasonable price. The slow dating bournemouth reviews Kabuki Brush set always comes to mind! They take the guessing work out! Each brush in the set was created for a specific purpose. With Luxie Beauty, you can always count on them to take your makeup look to the next level.

The was inspired by the traditional Kabuki Tools. Luxie created four face brushes for this set that can be used to create a flawless complexion. The brushes are handcrafted and made by artisans. These brushes can be used for cream to powder formulas and are the perfect size for the face. These brushes are really high quality and are super soft on the skin. They are also really durable and will last a long time with proper care.

In this brush set, you will literally have every brush needed for foundation, bronzer, concealer, setting powder, highlighter, and blush.This set makes it really easy for both beginners and more experienced people who are into makeup.

Luxie Beauty Brushes are:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Handcrafted
  • Premium & Synthetic

Now, let’s jump in to see what the Luxie Beauty Kabuki Brush Set is all about, how you can use them, and what you can achieve with them.

Luxie Beauty Kabuki Brush Set

The brushes included in this brush set are:

  • 530 Flat Top 
  • 532 Round Top
  • 533 Setting Powder
  • 534 Angled Top

Luxie 530 Flat Top

The 530 Flat Top brush is great for foundation You can use a liquid or cream formula for a flawless base. It can be used to achieve an airbrushed finish and will also allow you to go from sheer to full coverage depending on the foundation you use. This brush can be used in a circular motion to buff out the foundation seamlessly. The brush is a great size as well because you can cover areas a lot quicker than with a blender or small foundation brush. The brush is dense so you don’t need to be worried about product seeping through the bristles of the brush.

Luxie 532 Round Top

The 532 Round Top brush in this set has to be one of the most versatile brushes in the set. With the round tip, there are endless possibilities on how you can use this brush. Just like all the other brushes in the collection, it can be used for both powder and cream formulas. This brush works so beautifully with any product you use with it. You can use this brush for concealer, foundation, buffing out edges, contour, highlight, blush, and setting powder under the eyes. The round tip and its size is perfect for any part of the face.

Luxie 533 Setting Powder

The 533 Setting Powder brush is so soft and fluffy! You can use this Brush for loose or pressed powders for a very airbrushed finish. The size of the brush allows you to spread the powder evenly and you can work quicker around the face. It disperses the powder you use very effortlessly.

Luxie 534 Angled Top

The 534 Angled Top brush has such a unique shape. It’s shape allows you to apply product with precision. This brush works best to apply bronzer and contour products. The shape of it is perfect for the hollows of the face.

Because of the size, you can also use it to apply your blush on your cheeks.

What makes Luxie Beauty so special is that the Luxie Beauty brush sets are always valued at such a great price. When you think about it, you are getting so many brushes for almost the price of one brush depending where you shop. Their brushes literally do the work for you! It is such an amazing experience every time you use the Luxie Beauty Brushes. When getting Luxie brushes, know that you will have a flawless makeup look.

Check out the Luxie Beauty Kabuki Brush Set Unboxing:



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