@liluzileen for STREETWEARCHICK

Hey what’s up everyone! My name is Eileen Melissa Mae also known as on Instagram and I am one of the admins for define bases in dating. I’m very excited to be apart of the start up SWC’s new official blog, all of us at Streetwear Chick are very excited to be sharing our passion and love for the streetwear community and beyond.

A little about myself, i’m born and raised in Canada, specifically in a city called Saskatoon, SK. May be an unfamiliar city but recently the streetwear culture here has been growing. I am also a Youtube Vlogger and a Instagram model. I’ve had Instagram since 2010 and for fashion wise, so much has changed in the past 7 years including the way I dress. I’ve been influenced on streetwear since I was 13. My fashion is very cozy yet simple. I love to dress in trackpants with a oversized t-shirt or ripped jeans and my windbreakers and my checkered vans. Canada can get very cold as might as well dress cozy! My favourite brands are pros and cons of dating a military guy, , Stussy and EA$Y but i’m open to all brands. Sometimes, I don’t look at the name brand, as long as it looks good then it doesn’t matter! My goal in fashion is to always wear something that can make me feel comfortable.

I am very excited once again to be apart of Anissa’s vision and as well to work with the other admins / writers in this blog! Make sure to follow our Instagram define bases in dating as well as my personal Instagram for updates on all streetwear.


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