Holiday Gift Guide For Her 2019

Are you looking for gift ideas for this holiday season? Hopefully after going through our Holiday Gift Guide, you can feel more at ease. Maybe you won't end up getting exactly what's listed below but I hope that it will allow you to get inspired. Personally, there is always a handful of people on my [...]

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GlossiWEAR has officially launched…… & it’s AFFORDABLE

GlossiWEAR has officially launched…… & it's affordable! Glossier put their foot into a new category and that is..... apparel! They are known for their millennial pink packaging with a minimalistic way of viewing beauty products but now this new apparel line is pretty intriguing. Aside from their great glosses, skincare and fragrance, they have brought [...]

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A donut you won’t regret eating ……

When you plan a trip to a place you've never been, you usually want to make sure that you've looked up all the places you want to visit to make the most out of your time there and of course, make a list. Google took me to the best donuts to eat in Santa Monica! [...]

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Need Inspo? Here Are a Few People You Should Be Following on Instagram.

Don't know what to wear? Keep reading. Here are a few of the chicks who are killing the Instagram game. From best sneaker game to the popin ootd. The first one that you should follow if you aren't already is @g.von.g  Gina. She is 9 and has a better that I have ever had. From her street style [...]

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Fast vs. Slow: Fashion

In our century it seems important to be in trend and change your clothes every season. Especially when you are a fashion-blogger and post regularly on Instagram! Sadly, the greatest majority of people do not realize the negative effect, which they make for the environment by buying three pieces of clothing from fast fashion company [...]

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@elenifk x streetwearchick

What up Ladies! Shout out to Anissa for giving me this opportunity to share my story and bringing us all together. My name is Eleni and I am from the Bay Area, Ca. I am a creative who loves to travel, shop, workout and inspire others to be the best that they can be. I [...]

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New Sauce Alert @FricabyKudakwashe.T Streetwear

Hey guys First off massive love and shoutout to streetwearchick for giving me this platform to blog about my interest. Name’s Wendy I’m a fashion Designer based in Sheffield, England and on this space I’m going to be posting about my fashion interest and other things I’m into. Please follow accordingly. Without wasting much time [...]

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StreetwearChick X Purpose Apparel

Purpose Apparel is a Vancouver Contemporary Streetwear Brand established in 2012. They are founded on inspiring others to find their purpose in life and relating it to the simplistic everyday fashion. One of my favourite things about the brand is how organic and meaningful it is, staying true to the creative art of fashion instead [...]

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Her Clothing Co.

I wanted to shed some light on a new up and coming brand for us ladies. The brand goes by the name Her Clothing Co.. It embodies street wear for women that is simple yet makes a statement by its logo of the word HER. I always find great passion in up and coming brands [...]

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Nike 1 Reimagined Collection

Sneakers have always been in for me, but for a while now they seem to be popping up in more corporate settings given the numerous styles that are available. They have become the go to shoe and they are here to stay. To be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, how could you turn [...]

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