I wanted to shed some light on a new up and coming brand for us ladies. The brand goes by the name Her Clothing Co.. It embodies street wear for women that is simple yet makes a statement by its logo of the word HER.

I always find great passion in up and coming brands because I know that it is not easy to take the leap and start something new that you’re passionate about without knowing the outcome of it all. But life in its self is all about taking risks.

This brands philosophy lies in encouraging confidence on to women.

Her writes: ” HER. is a unique clothing brand made to encourage confidence upon women by wearing comfortable and simple clothing. Our exclusive quality in our clothing sets us apart from others because it allows women to feel pleased in their boyfriend’s or guy friend’s clothes. We would love for women to pursue wearing HER”

To me it’s an interesting concept yet personal to my heart because who doesn’t feel comfortable in their boyfriends sweatshirt or guy friend. It’s a sense of security if you’ve experienced that and comfortability that you can be yourself.

Below are some images of the brand:


You can also find out more about this brand on their website:


Let us know your thoughts on this brand in our comments 🙂





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