Hello from Los Angeles, California! – @gracehlaa

Just wanted to formally introduce myself to all you amazing ladies! Thank you to Queen of streetwearchick Anissa for giving me an opportunity to blog with all of you beautiful ladies around the world!

My name is Grace Hla, I’m a microblading tech and makeup artist based in LA (@INKED.HLA) However on my time off, I love to travel, eat tacos, and do small outfit shoots with my bae @chester_herrera. For me it’s all about comfort, I basically brainstorm my OOTD in my head for five min before leaving the house. My key points are: “what will I be doing today” and “what’s the weather like outside?” BUT my gotos are always a cute jacket/hoodies, T-shirt, and my Adidas ultra boosts of course, seriously the most comfortable sneakers I own! You could say my middle name is “Tomboy.” Sometimes I feel that I’m not “girl enough” or my “age” because of the way I dress, then I’m like, “UH WHO CARES, YOU DO YOU BOO.”

With that being said, Style is not a trend, it’s what you make of it for yourself!

I’m stoked to be a part of this movement and grow with all you fine ladies! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!