I think we are at the same point that the sneaker World is dominated by men! But what about female existence? Can we find nice sneakers for our size? Do brands make some effort for female existence in the sneaker world?

Happily the answers of the both questions is YES! I am aware that there is a long way to go for us but somehow thing are getting better and better.

For exemple Nike, a major player on the sneaker game, presented the “Force is Female”  campaign few years ago. The aim of this campaing is to focus on strong women who are paving their own way, to shape the culture, to create the future, and to inspire their communities. They dedicated to all females who live outside of the box and challenge us to push boundaries.


Ok then, Is it easy to be in a world dominated by men? No, not at all. Hypothetically, first of all when they meet you, they  may think that you understand nothing about sneakers, then they may observe you and when you cop a grail, they may start to say that that’s a contrafiet or fake. It may not be easy to be known and accepted by your sneakers entourage as a female but as I say is all hypothetical J .

I have always hope for women and I trust us to change the whole future and get rid of all the prejudices. But there is only way to do that; We should be bond togehter, We should understand each other and empower each other.

Sisterhood forever.


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