3 female hip-hop artists of the 90’s with an outstanding style.

Long before Nicki Minaj’s bunch of wings and Rihanna’s bright furs, there were hip-hop ladies, who have popularized provocative outfits, campy jewelry, and sportswear. Some of their looks are still popular since celebs are inspired by those signature looks at the present. In the article, we are going to recall some of the female hip-hop style icons of the 1990’s.

                           1. Lil’ Kim.

Kimberly Denise Jones is more well-known by her stage name Lil’ Kim. She is an American rapper, songwriter, model, and actress. She was born in New York, where she lived much of her adolescent life. During her career years, she sold over 30 million singles worldwide as a solo artist. That is the major reason why a lot of people call her a “Queen of Hip-Hop”. Despite this fact, she also started some of the fashion trends. You can’t talk about transparent dresses, logo-mania, and wigs without reminding of Lil Kim. Lil’ Kim modeled for brands like Iceberg, Versace and Baby Phat. Moreover, she became a muse for some designers. For example, Giorgio Armani and Marc Jacobs. Actually, nowadays many celebs such as Kim Kardashian or Beyonce still try to recreate her most famous outfits.

                             2. Missy Elliott.

Melissa Arnette Elliott is a Missy Elliott, as many people remember. She is an American rapper, singer, dancer and record producer. During her successful career, she earned five Grammy awards. Moreover, she worked with Jay Z, Katy Perry, Madonna, and Beyonce. Besides, Missy Elliott always wore killing outfits and was not embarrassed by how she looked, while wearing them on. She put a garbage bag instead of traditional clothes and showed up in athletic clothes on the red carpets. Exactly Melissa took wearing camo clothes to the next level.

Missy Elliott

                             3. Salt-N-Pepa.

Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip-hop trio from New York. However, the group was more pop-oriented, because the majority of the songs were driven by big beats and feminist lyrics. Their trio was one of the first female rap groups, which debuted in 1980’s and made a mark in a male-dominated genre. Apart from the music, which Salt-N-Pepa left us, we should mention their style. They could show up in ‘borrowed from boys’ outfits as well as in soft looks, which showed their femininity. No one expected that ripped denim jeans, leather, and patched jackets will become iconic and popular as they are today. Last year, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce took cues from Salt-N-Pepa’s looks and dressed up like them for Halloween.


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