One-minute bio: Heron Preston.

A clothing designer, DJ, creative director, and just a nice person - Heron Preston - was born in San Francisco thirty-five years ago. He attended New Technology High School and moved to New York for studying at Parsons School of Design. At that time, the designer tried to make his first T-shirts. His friend had [...]

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The style muse: Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid is not just Gigi’s little sister anymore, but an inspiration for many famous designers and brands. At the present time, her stunning signature style is totally unquestionable. The model always keeps an eye on the latest trends. Moreover, Bella is not afraid to experiment with various looks: from sports style to ladylike outfits. [...]

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Ageism & Fashion.

Ageism: what is it? Ageism is stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age. It occurs in varying degrees, in television, advertising, movies, stores, hospitals, workplaces, and even fashion. Some researches suggest that nowadays ageism may be even more pervasive than sexism and racism.  Ageism in the fashion industry. [...]

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Who are you, the MISBHV creators?

Do the names Natalia Maczek or Thomas Wirski remind you of anything? If yes, then you’re a streetwear fan without a doubt. The Polish designers create clothes in the old-fashion aesthetic with a bit of hooliganism, which perfectly describes the name of the brand - MISBHV. The brand's history. MISBHV began when Natalia Maczek realized [...]

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Third XO Merch Collection: Jackets, Hoodies & more

Ready your coins, as the Weeknd has returned with another XO-designed merch drop. Abel has come through to drop off his third and perhaps final collection of the year. The merch is officially available for purchasing online right now and features 11 new pieces for the next months. The launch of his collection is actually [...]

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Deadly Beautiful: 8 Halloween Outfit & Makeup Ideas for 2018.

There are only 13 days till the most spooky night of the year, which means it is time to get your clothing ready. Halloween is one of the rare days, when some crazy outfits and too bright makeup seem to be fine. Everyone can create absolutely different costumes and look like as a mummy, a [...]

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The major fashion trends of spring/summer 2019.

New York, Milan, London, and Paris fashion weeks are over. Accordingly, it is already possible to make a conclusion about some main trends of spring/summer 2019. Cycling shorts. The major celebrities’ trend of the summer was definitely cycling shorts. It was the sleekest hit of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, which was made by [...]

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Need Inspo? Here Are a Few People You Should Be Following on Instagram.

Don't know what to wear? Keep reading. Here are a few of the chicks who are killing the Instagram game. From best sneaker game to the popin ootd. The first one that you should follow if you aren't already is @g.von.g  Gina. She is 9 and has a better that I have ever had. From her street style [...]

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Tracee Ellis Ross For the Culture

Hey Auntie (in my best Kilmonger voice). Tracee Ellis Ross a.k.a. T. Murda, a.k.a. Fashion Killa, a.k.a. Slay-cee Ross (hello!) Home girl did her thing whilst hosting the AMA awards show which aired on Tuesday, October 9th. What better way to utilize such an impactful platform than to shine light on fashion designers who are [...]

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Force is female?

I think we are at the same point that the sneaker World is dominated by men! But what about female existence? Can we find nice sneakers for our size? Do brands make some effort for female existence in the sneaker world? Happily the answers of the both questions is YES! I am aware that there [...]

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