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Buckle a bag and go? Count me in to the fanny frenzy.

This year, we’ve seen some of the coolest mix of 90’s and early 2000’s styles make a return throughout street wear. From rocking favorite NBA jerseys to cozy Champion sweatsuits, 2017’s blast from the past theme was poppin’. One of the most rocked accessories this year was without a doubt the infamous fanny pack, also known as a “waist bag”. With the rise in minimalist culture and fashion among millennials, the fanny definitely fits right in. Many streetwear brands such as Supreme, Bape, and Patta came with the heat this year, and high-end brands such as Balenciaga dropped some cozy chic bags to swing across your shoulders too.

Why the fanny frenzy? The bag is pact, makes a statement, and makes bouncer checks at your favorite bar or nightclub go much easier. Because of the fanny’s size, the issue of losing your phone at the bottomless pit of your tote bag is obsolete. The bag’s adjustable straps make it cool to wear over the shoulder, or around the waist, depending on what aesthetic you’re aiming to serve the streets for the day. Fanny packs have made the cut for items that receive a high resell value on sites like Grailed and eBay, with everyone wanting to add a little cozy convenience to their everyday look.

Celebrities such as Jaden Smith and Teyana Taylor rocked some of the high-end fanny’s and styled them perfectly. Whether on their way to a gala or a shopping spree, they showed off the quaint bags and how simple it is to make a statement without doing a lot. Check out some of my favorite fanny pack moments of 2017, and leave a comment letting us know how you feel about the bag!