Essential Fall skincare Tips

Fall Skincare Tips

How and why you should adjust your skincare regimen for the current season

Cute boots, new scarfs, and everything pumpkin spice flavor. Can you feel we are officially in Fall season? Updating your wardrobe for Fall trends is exciting, but it’s essential to switch up our skincare regime as well. The summer has left our skin congested with evidence of sun exposure. So what are some easy steps we can take to give our skin some TLC leaving the summer months?

New York City based Freelance Esthetician Kayla Causey breaks it down for us. “Whether you live or have been traveling to warmer climates during the summer, our pores become more clogged due to sweat, dirt, and sunscreen. As we transition to fall- it’s perfect to receive a deep pore cleansing facial and start replenishing the skin with nutrients and hydration!”

I was ecstatic to pick the Skincare Guru’s brain on the topic:

What changes do you think every skin type should be doing transitioning into the Fall season with their skincare regimen?

“Exfoliate. All skin types will receive positive results from exfoliating! Make sure to start off exfoliating 1-2x per week depending on exfoliation type, as you don’t want to over exfoliate.

For oily skin?
Don’t be afraid of oils! Many believe since they have oily skin that oil will cause clogged pores. In fact, many oils such as rose hip and grape seed, have balancing and antibacterial properties!

For dry skin?
As the temperatures drop, so should the temperature of the water you use to wash your face. Hot water dries skin out, use lukewarm water to protect skin from dehydration.”

How would you recommend someone treat sun damage from the summer?
“I love Vitamin C for sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. It’s hydrating, even skin tone, and calms any skin irritation.”

Every skin type is encouraged to make a slight shift in your skincare regime for the Fall season. Whether you are sensitive, dry or oily, treating sun exposure and resurfacing our skin is crucial. Let’s step into the Holiday Season with a fresh face forward.


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