Deadly Beautiful: 8 Halloween Outfit & Makeup Ideas for 2018.

There are only 13 days till the most spooky night of the year, which means it is time to get your clothing ready. Halloween is one of the rare days, when some crazy outfits and too bright makeup seem to be fine. Everyone can create absolutely different costumes and look like as a mummy, a [...]

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Tracee Ellis Ross For the Culture

Hey Auntie (in my best Kilmonger voice). Tracee Ellis Ross a.k.a. T. Murda, a.k.a. Fashion Killa, a.k.a. Slay-cee Ross (hello!) Home girl did her thing whilst hosting the AMA awards show which aired on Tuesday, October 9th. What better way to utilize such an impactful platform than to shine light on fashion designers who are [...]

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Women Wednesday: 📍Exclusive Vancity Love

What's good you guys! So this post officially marks the restoration of Women Wednesday because (almost) new month, new me🙈 KIDDING!!! But forreal, I'm bringing back #WomenWednesday with with a plot twist this week😈 The focus is on my #Vancouver babes🌎 (But this also applies to all my international babes) ✨An exclusive lil announcement for [...]

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A Sneak-peek into my life…

    Hi All and Welcome! I would like to introduce myself before I post more content. My name is Dominika! If you read my bio you will know that I literally do everything creative. I enjoy creating things/ expressing myself through art.  Being able to photograph, model, draw, design, sing, dance, speak etc, is [...]

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