Hey Street Girl Chicks! It’s your girl Mel, here to give you the tea on my perfect cozy slay.

Last Friday I rolled out to Friday Night Live with my bestie and younger sister. #FNL is a weekly event put on by the Royal Ontario Museum here in Toronto. It was a night filled with great exhibits, live performance, tasty street food, and endless photo opportunities. In preparation for the event, the hunt for an outfit started weeks in advance. I knew I wanted to be fly as always, but with it being held at the museum, I wanted to dress it up a bit.

I rifled through my closet, trying on look after look. The theme for the evening was the History of Hip-Hop Culture in Toronto. With that in mind, I wanted to be edgy yet effortless, but with that night’s forecast calling for near freezing temperatures I didn’t want to play myself and pull up underdressed. First I was going to wear high-waisted mom jeans, a backless button up shirt, with my Nike blazers. I tried it on and struck a pose in the mirror. Meh! Too casual! My second choice was a black satin jumpsuit paired with black heels and a suede jacket. I liked the look, but it just felt far too formal. I wanted to fit the theme and satisfy my inner extraness, but still be comfortable. Back to the closet!

Growing weary, I brought it back to my 3 rules: (1) 1 oversized item, (2) everything else fits well, (3) if it makes sense with heels and sneakers, it’s a LOOK!

1 My Oversized Item: Grey palazzo sweatpants

2 Everything Else Fits: Sheer long-sleeve bodysuit & a black bralette, paired with a suede bomber.

3 Works With Heels & Sneakers: Yes bitch!

The key to this entire outfit, in my opinion, are the pants. A last minute snatch up from Zara, these pants are an absolute favourite. They’re heather grey, fleece lined, with velvet piping. The palazzo cut and piping gave them an air of sophistication, but the fabric definitely kept things beautifully casual. The bodysuit and bralette kept things sexy. The edgy bit came from my hairstyle. With my signature V sliced neatly into my undercut, I got my hairdresser to lay down 4 cornrows. My androgynous energy was on an absolute 10!!

Overall the night was an absolute movie. The vibe was creative and electric and everyone in attendance was so excited to be a part of the entire scene. With all that being said, I’ll leave you with these pics of me being the most extra all throughout the museum.

With Love,

Your girl Mel 🖤