Conch Piercing: Everything you want to know Before Getting it

The conch piercing has a really nice placement when it comes to getting ear piercings. The conch piercing is located in the middle of the lower half of your ear on the cartilage. It got its name because most of the ear piercing jewelry (specifically a hoop) that you would wear with it resembles a conch shell. This piercing gives off a delicate feel and a dainty aesthetic depending on the jewelry worn on the piercing. The piercing itself can be placed in two locations. It can be placed either on the inside or the outside of the ear. When it’s done on the inside you can wear a stud earring or if you do it on the outside, you can sport a hoop.

When it comes to the pain level of the conch piercing, it is the same as any other piercing on the ear but because it’s in the cartilage and it’s a thicker part, it is a bit more painful than piercing your ear lobe.

Another thing to note is that unlike the earlobe that stretches, if you want a thicker piece of jewelry, the piercing should be made with a thicker gauge needle to accommodate the thickness of the jewelry because cartilage does not stretch.

When you pierce your ear with a needle the healing process is about 3-9 months to fully heal. The healing time is a bit longer than if you got a piercing. on your earlobe. We would like to note that this piercing should not be slept on until it has fully healed because it can prolong the healing process. For the aftercare, this is a piercing that does not need to be twisted. It can just stay there as is.

Because of it’s placement and the fact that you are not twisting it around and shouldn’t fidget with it, you want to make sure that after you pierce it, you are cleaning it in a very sterile environment. You don’t want to run the risk of it getting infected or inflamed. You want to clean it with a sterile saline solution to ensure that it stays very clean twice a day.

Overall, this piercing is just beautiful and with the right jewelry you can make it exactly the style you are looking for. Let’s dive in and see how others wear their conch piercings! If you like this piercing, you’ll definitely want to check out the article we wrote bear gay escort tokyo.

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