Hey pretty ladies,

I’m Charlotte, aka internet dating dangers on IG, and I’m a hypebae in the making. I’m really excited to be given this opportunity to write for gusttavo lima dating. I’ll be 100% real with you; I’m not as qualified or educated as many of the other girls on here, but I love fashion and how adaptable it can be. You look at street hype icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, The Kardashians, The Hadids, and now Millie Bobbie Brown. They are fashion and beauty icons for a reason; for being themselves and no other. My goal on here is to go through a journey of finding the middle ground between mainstream and street hype. Because fashion isn’t about following the trends, but making them. Here, we’re going to explore what the latest trends are, and how we can make them our own.

To me, street hype has always been about finding the most comfortable and diverse clothing pieces and customizing them, so that you could never clash your outfit with anyone else. It is so authentic to the person wearing it. We often see style icons and want to replicate their outfits, but that’s not what being a streetwearchick is about.

Maybe I’m a fashionista, a shoppaholic, or someone that simply chooses clothes over food (unhealthy lifestyle choices, sorry mom). At least I’ll never go out of style.

I’m really excited to be on this project. Let’s see where the street hype takes us. Let me know what OOTDs you come with, while never following the fashion trends but making them.

Your chick,



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