We visited the Champion store in LA this week and we were so excited to see that they had a customization station! Customers have the opportunity to customize tees, crewnecks, hoodies, and even shorts. There are different styles of patches of the iconic Champion logo and come in various colors. They even had exclusive LA patches that we just couldn’t resist. Check out what we customized below!

The Champion store on La Brea is a must go-to if you’re in the LA area. And if you’re into customizing your apparel, the possibilities of color combos are endless with the different patch options! You can choose your own personalized color schemes or you can go with the colors of your favorite LA teams!


Here are our finished products! We unintentionally got purple and gold (Laker colors for all of you LA fans) and we love how our shirts turned out. After we picked our tee shirts and our patches, it took about 15-20 minutes to have our shirts made. If you are a tee shirt or hoodie lover we highly suggest that you check the store out and customize your own! Let us know what you think about our tees!


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