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Hi guys!

My name is Caterina and as true Italian, fashion is more important to me, than a morning coffee. Kidding, there is no way I am gonna get dressed without a coffee. So who am I? After 9 years of sun, sea and mom`s spaghetti, I moved to Czech Republic. The moving path continued through Germany, back to Italy and soon it is bringing me to Netherland to start my Master program there. Since it is pretty annoying to pack and decide what to leave, keep or take with me, I rather stick to the basics. Black skinny jeans, a plain T shirts and some oversized hoodie.

Well, that was me some years ago… Even though I still go back to the “I don`t know what to wear, so let’s keep it simple” aka “I am late again” kinda outfits, I like to add some colors time to time and concentrate the attention on details. It might be the cut of the secondhand store Levi’s jeans, the back print on a sweater, or a classy black belt that is able to elevate even a 5€ T-shirt fron H&M aligned in jeans. Those little things are helping me to combine my outfits every day.

And then, there is were my ambitious plan to not exaggerate with the amount of clothes and shoes I have, FAILS. On shoes… More precisely on sneakers. The textures, silhouettes, colors, and unique details are the things I appreciate on sneakers. Since my budget can be defined in few words; food loving student, I do not have the necessity to have them all, but some of them are very special to me. For example the Air Max 95 Multi Pony or the new Vapormax off-white collaboration. Currently my favorite pairs in my closet. The secret is to truly appreciate the shoe itself, not to stock them and of course to be realistic, but still never stop dreaming about the black Balenciaga, Air Jordan 4 Kaws or the Air Max 1 Master, I have missed.

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In the next post I will share with you few very special people I find to be very inspirational on a daily basis and whom I admire for their commitment to fashion and footwear.

Stay tuned!


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