What’s good, everyone? My name is Aurelia (pronounced aw-real-yah), but you can call me Rellz.

Born and raised in New York City, I’ve been surrounded by streetwear culture my entire life. I’d describe my style as cozy, with a mix of streetstyle and casual. For me, it’s important to feel both comfortable and confident every time I leave my home. Being cozy or into streetwear involves more than just throwing on something over-sized, or some vintage Hilfiger set. It is how you carry yourself, your personality, and making sure you feel poppin’ in your fit.

So, why BlackMissFrizzle? My day duty is educating the kids of NYC about animals and nature as a Wildlife Educator, and I adore all animals with a particular affection towards reptiles! Growing up, I loved The Magic School Bus, and Miss Frizzle was so cool to me. She always had an interesting dress on that reflected what her lesson might have been for the day, and I thought this name would be a cool play on what I do career-wise.

Sneakers are an essential part of my style. I may be obsessed with them, with my collection reaching over 70 this past year. I don’t feel attached to any particular brand, despite Nike being a #1 choice in my recent sneaker shopping. When looking for the coziest sneaker, I search for 3 main things: comfort, color, and silhouette. I don’t want a shoe that makes my foot look too bulky, and I am particular with the color choices. I want people to look at my kicks and be inspired to purchase them, and to feel confident enough to wear something bold!

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