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What’s UP SWC, sorry for the late arrival but I’d like to formally introduce myself, I’m Besjana (@beeerug on Twitter and Insta), I’m very excited for the opportunity to be able to write and post for such an inclusive website, from an Instagram I check constantly. My style is always evolving and changing, so it’to say I’m strictly obsessed with a few. Right now I love what ONLY NY is doing from their MTA campaign to Parks and Rec, AstridAndersens, Belief,  and Noah to name a few. I’m from Jersey but have the blessing to work/ live and go to school in Manhattan. I run a family owned dress store, working in evening wear while being highly involved in streetwear and street fashion allows me to see where the two demographics mesh and how styles and trends transcend from baby pink being the niche streetwear color of 2017 to blush & baby pink being the best selling prom dress color of 2017. Sneakers, music, and clothes are ever changing in today’s urban landscape and I’m extremely excited to be able to contribute to the already growing landscape of writers and influencers, especially such a diverse and talented group of women. Big shout out to Anissa for giving me this opportunity. I have some cool stuff coming soon so stay tuned!!!

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Twitter & Insta – @beeerug