Hi All and Welcome!

I would like to introduce myself before I post more content.

My name is Dominika!

If you read my bio you will know that I literally do everything creative. I enjoy creating things/ expressing myself through art.  Being able to photograph, model, draw, design, sing, dance, speak etc, is such a wonderful thing. I have an immense platform to reach and inspire so many people. I am ever so grateful!

But why on earth do I do so much? Simple; I love it! I love the way I can capture images and memories in ways my brain cannot explain, and sadly sometimes forgets. That’s when I turn to my Best Friend- Canon 700D! I love using my camera to also display ideas I have in my always- creating mind, as well as capture the beauty of people and make them feel beautiful with my photos! On the other hand, poetry and writing really allows me to minister to those that are more touched by words.

Music…Dance…Modelling…. ahh, such a beautiful way to display your joy in another way than just smiling! I’m always smiling, always laughing, always joking around, and there’s a lot more joy for me to grab and display through Music, Dance, and Modelling. Another wonderful way to touch people also!

Fashion, art, and make-up… the way you can transform, express, inspire.. it’s so wonderful! I am so grateful to be able to design my own outfits and create something that can carry a message in a new way.

But when it comes to speaking, networking, performing, etc all these above are demonstrated in a mighty way, when you are able to speak to people and love people. I LOVE public speaking and telling my stories. I believe in sharing what is authentic, raw, true, I think that’s when you can really touch people, really love people!

Sneak- peek into My Modelling:

Sneak- peek into My Photography:

My Poetry and Videography:

Well, this slightly sums up the things that I do.. I also have a blog of my own and currently working on being consistent on my YouTube.

Would really appreciate your support with this!

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