When you plan a trip to a place you’ve never been, you usually want to make sure that you’ve looked up all the places you want to visit to make the most out of your time there and of course, make a list. Google took me to the best donuts to eat in Santa Monica!

So for me, Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee was on my list to make it to before the end of my stay in LA.

So if you’re from LA or are visiting LA anytime soon, keep reading!

Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee, is such a creative coffee shop where they have very inventive donut creations. Every donut has an artistic flare and you can tell that the people working there are super passionate about their craft. The attention to detail and customer service was amazing. It really wasn’t just an ordinary donut experience! It was so fun!

Behind the glass, you can see all the donuts laid out in a beautiful way and you can also see the making and baking of the donuts in the back. They are made from scratch with some of the finest ingredients. Also, what I found interesting while being there is that they made small batches at a time to ensure that you are eating the freshest donuts.

I can attest to this from the very first bite I took! I, of course, love all cinnamon so I had to go for one of their classic donuts on the menu called Saigon Cinnamon Crumb. Now, if you’re a cinnamon lover like me, you can understand the next sentence I am about to say. The donut had the perfect amount of cinnamon! It wasn’t over powering and you still were able to really appreciate the donut itself.

On their menu, you can see their daily flavors and they also have some seasonal flavors. The seasonal ones looked like so much fun! I honestly wanted to order one of each but that would have been a donut overload! haha

If you want to visit Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, they have multiple locations. We visited the one in Santa Monica. I’ll leave the address down below:


631 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, California 90401

Have you been there before? Let us know in the comments!

Love, Anissa xoxo