Ear Piercing Trends 2020

Want to learn more about ear piercing trends in 2020? We put together a list of the most popular ear piercing styles for you.

Are you thinking of getting a new ear piercing this year and just don’t know what to get? If you haven’t noticed already, piercings have always been a way to express yourself. I think that every person is unique in their own way and that’s exactly how it should be. Whether it’s in your clothes, your mindset, creativity, makeup, and even your piercings, you can totally show off your uniqueness and style.

When thinking about getting a piercing, you always want to do an extensive amount of research on where your going and even find out more information on the piercer that you are looking into. It’s important to note that you want to make sure that you are going to a place that is very hygienic and that the staff is super experienced and knowledgeable (& of course, friendly). That way you will have a great experience both during the piercing and after.

Some things to consider when getting a piercing:

  • Your employment – Do they allow piercings?
  • Your pain tolerance – Some piercings are less painful than others
  • Your commitment – Piercings can have a long healing process and you want to make sure you have the time to cater to it.
  • Your age – You want to be 18 years or older to get a piercing
  • Your side that you sleep on – If the piercing is on the side that you sleep on, it might hinder the healing process and prolong it.
  • Your style – Which piercing will best represent you?

Now that I listed some things you may want to contemplate, let’s jump in and see what’s trending this year! (hopefully you can get some ideas on your next piercing)

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This orbital piercing has two perforations side by side connected by one ring. When it comes to this piercing it is all about the placement that makes it very unique and the fact that it is a hoop ring that makes it an orbital. This piercing tends to have a healing process of about 8-10 weeks.


The tragus piercing is located in the pointed part of your ear that projects into the ear canal. This type of piercing will take longer to heal compared to the orbital. It has about a 2-3 month healing process. Some people have said that when you get the piercing it is a slight pinch like most piercings and should be fairly pain-free.


This floating cartilage piercing is usually located on the upper part of the ear on the cartilage. This style of piercing allows you to be creative with the spacing and location of where you want your jewelry to lie. The floating cartilage piercing is very unique because you can really showcase a nice piece of jewelry there. In the photo below, it really puts a spotlight on this piercing because its in the center of the ear.


This aids online dating is located in the middle of the lower half of your ear on the cartilage. It got its name because the area resembles a conch shell. Depending on where you want the conch piercing, it can be done in the inside or the outside. When done on the inside you can sport a stud earring or if you do it on the outside, it would require a hoop instead. With this piercing is seems like you have a choice of the piercing method. When you do the method through piercing with a needle, the healing process can take about 3-9 months to fully heal.


The daith piercing is basically the cartilage that is right on top of where your ear canal is. It is the part of your ear where there’s a flap. A little fun fact about this piercing that I found dating red pill, is that some people who suffer from migraines tend to find relief by getting this piercing done. The piercing aligns with an acupuncture pressure point which is why some people have found it beneficial. People who have gotten this piercing in the past say that the pain is between a 5/6 out of 10.


The helix piercing is one of the common piercings that you think of when you hear a cartilage piercing. It is located on the upper half of the ear. Some people do a double or triple helix piercing depending on the style you are going for. For this specific piercing it can take from 4-6 months to fully heal. In the picture below, this is considered a double helix piercing because there are two piercings side by side.


The snakebite piercing on the ear is very similar to a facial one. The snakebite piercing on the ear is two perforations on the ear that are side by side. This one is similar to the orbital but just depends on the jewelry you use. They can be done horizontal or vertical depending on what kind of look you want to achieve. This piercing is also know as a “double cartilage” piercing. Just like any double piercing, this piercing needs extra care since the perforations are so close together and there may be more swelling than usual.


The customized ear piercing placement is one of the popular trends happening right now. This type of piercing style allows you to have full creative control in whatever your intentions are. This form can be very artful and show off your personality. With this style, it’s really up to what works for you. I love that this style is trending because you can create your own story through the piercing and showcasing pieces of jewelry that go really great together.

I hope that you found inspiration or learned something about piercing trends in 2020 that you didn’t know about. Which is your favorite ear piercing trend and do you plan on getting any new piercings this year? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ear Piercing Trends 2020: Styles You May Like (VIDEO)